TeLiPro – Telemedical Lifestyle Intervention Program

TeLiPro is Germany’s most acclaimed disease management software.

In collaboration with the DITG – German Institute for Telemedicine and Healthpromotion – and its medical director Prof. Dr med. Stephan Martin, TeLiPro was developed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes patients and heavily overweight/obese people.

As part of the programme, a personal health coach will help patients implement a more active and healthier lifestyle into their daily lives. Thus, patients manage to sustainably reduce weight, to have a positive influence on their health and quality of life, and thus prevent accompanying or consequential diseases.

TeLiPro is already being successfully used for thousands of type 2 diabetes patients. The insurance companies and health insurance schemes that extend this service to their members include AXA, AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, Provinzial and BKK Deutsche Bank.

The following results were achieved with TeLiPro in a study* with long-term diabetic patients who have had diabetes for more than eleven years and use high levels of insulin:

27 %

Around 27% of patients can completely do without insulin injections after the programme.


On average, patients need 50% less insulin after the programme.

85 %

85% of participants in the programme achieve their HbA1c targets.

85 %

With an 85% engagement rate, adherence is at a record value.

95 %

Patient satisfaction is 95%.

– 68 %

Because of the savings in medicines, therapeutic products and auxiliary materials, the costs per patient are 68% lower than for the conventional treatment methods.

* The figures stated above are the result of the ‘Diabetes Lifestyle Study’. This was conducted by the DITG with the WDGZ in Düsseldorf (Prof. Dr med. Stephan Martin) between 2013 and 2016 and published in Diabetes Care. The study was commissioned by Boehringer Ingelheim.

Awards for TeLiPro:

next economy award: Digitality
Winner of the Next Economy Award 2017/Digitality category
In December 2017, TeLiPro (DITG) won the Next Economy Award in the Digitality category. The award is presented for exemplary sustainability performance in business, local government and research.
Winner of the EIT Health Award 2016
The DITG was chosen as the best European Digital Health Startup at the Health 2.0 Conference in Silicon Valley.
Top 5 of Der Deutsche Innovationspreis 2017
The prize is awarded for ‘outstanding, forward-looking innovations’.
In 2017: again classified as one of the best by the ‘Initiative Mittelstand’
With its TeLiPro solution that enables medical outcomes to be managed via the digital end-to-end online portal.
Winner of the 2016 Health Media Award
The award is also called the OSCAR of health communication and is awarded to outstanding health projects.
DiP  – diabetes prevention app

The DiP app is aimed at people who have an increased risk of contracting type 2 diabetes mellitus. It helps its users to eat more healthily and to pursue a more active lifestyle and by doing so helps prevent them contracting diabetes.

The main functionality comprises a nutrition and movement journal and weight-tracking facility. Additionally, the user is provided with valuable tips and specialist articles in the context of his or her personal situation. The user always has full control of his/her data and can make this temporarily available to his/her physician via an encrypted dedicated server.

The DiP app has been developed for iOS and Android and is available via the usual app platforms.

Diabetes Präventions Programm
Diabetes Präventions Programm
Diabetes Präventions Programm

The DiP app was developed in conjunction with the DDS – German Diabetes Foundation – and the Dimini innovation fund project, a consortium of leading German health organisations.

dip Diabetes Prävention
dds Deutsche Diabetes Stiftung
Dimini Diabetes

E-learning platform for people with diabetes

my diabetes

Nowadays many diabetics lead a normal life. These people know that they themselves can have a considerable impact on the success of their treatment and they pursue active lifestyles.

my-diabetes is the first comprehensive e-learning program for people with type 2 diabetes and an excellent basis for successful treatment! Over the course of 14 units, patients learn everything about diabetes, from the basics right up to proper foot care!

The online course can be accessed by patients for a charge at www.my-diabetes.de. Alternatively, we also offer a white-label version of the e-learning course to health insurance providers and insurance companies for their members.

my diabetes